Vegetarian Food

The best fast and tasty vegetarian recipes, perfect for creating a vegetarian menu with all the trimmings: appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts, here are some wonderful dishes!

Let’s start with some perfect dishes to serve as an appetizer! Here are three wonderful recipes, easy to make and full of flavor, and easy to combine with our favorite cocktails!


1. Peppers stuffed with rice

These are baked peppers stuffed with rice, which contrary to what many think are an easy dish to prepare, and which at the same time is really a pleasure!

What you have to do is cook the rice and then stir it with butter and cheese, add some spices and then go and stuff the peppers. Bake everything in the oven and enjoy your meal!

2. Cauliflower meatballs

Cauliflower is a wonderful vegetable and it lends itself to numerous preparations. If you have never tried them, cauliflower meatballs are undoubtedly among the best!

This is because it is a vegetable with a delicate flavor and which, once cooked, takes on a soft and velvety texture. You can blanch the cauliflower lightly and add eggs, cheese, herbs and various seasonings to the mixture.

Vegetarian first courses

1. Beet, spinach and rice soup

Soups are loved by those who eat vegetarians and vegans, because they are a type of preparation that allows you to enhance the flavor of vegetables.

The preparation is very simple and all you have to do is leave the vegetables to flavor in a pan, then add the broth and cook the rice together. At the end, then, conclude with a nice grind of fresh pepper and grated cheese.

2. Vegetarian carbonara

The carbonara is one of the dishes of the tradition of the most famous Italian cuisine in the world, but as everyone knows, the original version contains pillow. But have you ever tried to revisit the recipe to create a wonderful vegetarian carbonara?

It is very simple: on the one hand you have to create the classic cremetta based on egg, pecorino cheese and pepper, with which you will season the pasta once cooked, while instead of meat you can use sautéed vegetables! Peppers, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and much more, you will see what a delicious combination with pasta and egg!

3. Lasagna with ricotta and spinach

The combination created by ricotta and spinach forms one of the fillings not only most loved by vegetarians. With these two ingredients you can prepare ravioli, agnolotti, cannelloni and much more, including the delicious ricotta and spinach lasagna.

It is a wonderful dish, easy to make and excellent to offer during a dinner with friends or family, as it will also be appreciated by the little ones.

Vegetarian second courses

1. Vegetarian Parmigiana

Beautiful, delicious and fragrant: the tofu parmigiana prepared with tomato, capers and spices is a light dish, prepared with fried aubergines. At the base of this dish, however, tofu is used, which makes this parmigiana light but at the same time tasty.

Vegetarian dessert recipes

1. Pumpkin pie

It is a vegan cake made with pumpkin, yogurt and soy milk, and for which you do not even have to use the eggs. For those who are skeptical, trust me: its softness will win you over!

You can also serve this dessert with delicious combinations, such as almond flakes, melted chocolate or a simple dollop of whipped cream: a real treat! What are you waiting for, try to prepare the veg pumpkin pie!

2. Pear tart

Pears are a wonderful fruit rich in flavor and ideal for preparing desserts of this type, and moreover this cake is perfect for any occasion.

3. Coconut biscuits

Baking cookies at home is a special moment, which you can share with your loved ones to spend a fantastic evening together.

These cookies, then, are really wonderful: first of all they are egg-free and butter-free, which makes them light and ideal for any occasion, but then you should feel that good! Coconut and cereals together form a mouth-watering combination. Try it yourself, the result is delicious!